Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our "CALL"

 After waiting for about 6 weeks after we turned our papers in, I drove to The Church Office buildings and received this wonderful envelope from Bishop Donaldson.  We waited until 9:30 to make sure everyone was on the phone, Skype or  Facetime with us along with Heather and Jeff's family.
Rick is proudly holding the call with Brandon, myself and Quincy looking on.

Of all the places we imagined or could have been called on this entire earth...we were called to serve in the Philippines!  
We were all so excited and actually a little numb!
Bishop Donaldson told us that there were many recommendations for us to serve in a lot of different places but the Brethren felt strongly we were needed to go here.

We erected a sign on the garage door to share with our anxious neighbors and ward!