Monday, April 28, 2014

Member, Leader Support Missionaries!

                                       Transfer Day!

 Sister Franks is leaving us!  She is such a scriptural power house, we are really going to miss her.  We just LOVE her!

Elder Sabado is going too.  He finally was speaking English pretty well too, and now he's off to another area. 

We are going to miss Elder Lang Siu, we've loved him.  However, we will have extra space in our truck though...He's one big fella!
Lang Siu in front to balance the load!
This van was literally stuffed with transferring missionaries.

Elder J. donning an elephant hat that was transferring with it's master....he couldn't resist!

 After taking missionaries to the Mission Office who were leaving to go home, we took a beautiful drive to Sampaloc.  Sampaloc is a city where we have a Branch in our Morong District.  Really beautiful scenery.


Couldn't resist....saw it in a garbage can!

 The Sampaloc Chapel

This is a resort turned into a chapel.  Beautiful little place tucked into the mountains

 The Chapel is just a small area but is so pretty.

Notice the pulpit and the organ.  :)
They were having a YW activity and swimming in the pool.  Very serene and peaceful place!


Rooster Farm several miles long.



 Dedication of the Andres Families new home. Seventeen of us in the new additional room over the existing house of his mother and father's house.  About a 12x12 room for a family of seven!  They share the bottom 12x12 also with his Mom and Dad who sleep in the kitchen area downstairs.  They are thrilled to have this home.

Elder Johnson gave a beautiful dedicatory prayer and we presented them with three gifts for their new home. (Our version of the three gifts in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" .  We gave them the words to the song, "Bless This House, O' Lord We Pray".  It turned out really nice.  It doesn't matter the type of house we have or what it is equipped with.  It's the love and honor that is held within it's walls.








 A terrible picture of those who attended our "FORGIVENESS FAMILY HOME EVENING"
L-R Front: Lisa & baby, Jhun Paralta, his wife Marivic, Sally Andres, Vicky Murillo
Back: Abba, Lisa's husband,  Dexter & Vanessa Candari, President Murillo

Repentance and Forgiveness makes you HAPPY!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holy... Moly...!

HOLY WEEK in the Philippines!
This was placed right along the side of the road on the narrow highway. We had just heard about the people who do this to themselves when we had to do a double take, turn around, and snap this photo.

Displays along the highway...

Floats & Statues Everywhere!
Terrible picture...but it was bumper to bumper traffic and throngs of "walkers

We saw people climb up this scaffolding and offer prayers.

Birthday Party

Birthday girl Hannie Avril!

Make-up, gown and the whole
nine yards!

There must have been 75-80 people there!  Rented tables, cloths, favors  etc.

Hired Clowns!

They fed everyone there, these tubs are about 3 ft. in width with Filipino Spaghetti with sliced hot dogs & macaroni supas (soup) and rice.  They also had flan, cupcakes, rice cake, ulam and more.  The Lola (grandma) made all the food.  She is a member and was just a darling woman.

New Sewing Machine at Homemaking Meeting

Vanessa Candari having a first time sewing experience!

Little fabric scraps sewn together in an artistic way to make POT HOLDERS.

Most of the scraps don't match very well but they are useful and they do make a living sewing them.

Sisters in the Teresa Branch all gathered round the new sewing machine!



Each sister got to take one home. 



Baptism in Morong Branch


This sweet 14 year-old was baptized by a relatively new member, with the Sister Missionaries.

We all sang "Nearer My God, to Thee" for the baptism. 

Two Polynesians, One Australian, three Filipinos and an American Grandma!


This is a picture of the girl who was baptized and some of her family.  The girl in front in the yellow shirt is going to be baptized next week she's a sister, and the girl behind the boy in yellow is a best friend who is taking the lessons.

The two boys are so interested too and know all the answers the missionaries ask them.

They were watching an Easter Video when we came.

The girl's father, on the left, has recently had several strokes and can no longer work.  He is unable to walk without a lot of trouble.  We are working on getting him a wheel chair so he and his wife can attend church as no one can leave him and he is immobile and can't go anywhere.  They parents have been together for many years but have never married.  They want to get married and get baptized right away.  Beautiful family!

 Rick's favorite sight here.  A majestic Caribou.  We are looking for someone to carve him one.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The beginning of a new "Group" in the Church.

Our new meeting "Hut"

 Preparing the Sacrament.  Only two trays of each the bread and water.

 Gathering in the Hut...See the tip of the fan in the right top corner.

 Members coming with their children and scriptures in hand.

Filling the number 54! 
Everyone couldn't fit in so some listened through windows.
Branch Pres. Murillio, Counselor Bro. Peralta & Ondoy Member.

Sherrizzah Hernandez, Called to serve at Temple Square!  "The Lord knows the desires of your heart!"

Teresa Branch Family Home Evening

 The Relief Society President trying to get a cracker from her head to her mouth without using her hands!
Brother Heve....his head was wet with moving here.

Almost there....oh oh....
The final two.....the one on the left finally wins!
Q-Tip Shooting Contest! 

General Conference Lunch Break

Every classroom filled with scenes like this....

Rice & Water 
Enough to feed the masses! 

Trip to S&R (Costco Type Place)

We drove an hour and a half to go to S&R to see if we could buy something we are used to in the States.  It's expensive and in bulk so we just ended up with peanut butter, cereal, and a couple of other things.


We did have the hotdog special for 99 pesos.  ($2.00)