Sunday, March 30, 2014

Might, Mind & Strength, or "Mite", Mind & Give Me Strength!

Notice they all have on the same purple tie.  
In my fashion workshop I told them they looked like they were ready for a wedding.  :) 


 Jhon Bustamante, left, Rick and Jhun Paralta

Jhon Bustamante's MITE infested foot.

He acted as if there was nothing wrong.  Just going about his daily routine.  My heart aches for him.  He really is a great kid.

Erma Bustamante and her children.  Jhon is on the right 16 yrs old.


Zone Leader:  Elder Tanner Morgan Hall's 20th birthday!

 L-R Front: Elder Lang Siu, Elder Hall, Elder Ebro, Back: Elder J, Diday Heve, Joanne Heve, Jennifer Heve, Michele, Me, Maribel, JayMar

They had a ZUMBA class right in the center of the Mall!

Forever on the road in traffic like this....

...and seeing such sad sights as this.  The poor dog has almost no hair left.  Maybe he has Scabies too!
Oh, give me STRENGTH!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's MORE FUN in the Philippines!

Sights along our travels...

Beautiful flowering tree we see everyday as we leave our neighborhood.

Full moon from our balcony.

Corn sweating in large plastic bags.
Accidents and road congestion....EVERYWHERE!

Workers of every kind wearing T-shirts around their heads while working.  We think it sounds absurd because of the heat but they are probably protecting themselves from the sun and perhaps the shirts sop up the sweat?

 All ages of men,women and children wear towels draped over their heads too.  They also drape them over their back collar and hang down their backs. 

We have started taking sweat towels with us during the day.  April and May are the worst they tell us.
All in a days drive...Dad loves the Caribous.  We are looking for a carving of one for him.

Fancy me seeing a sign with my name on it!  It's an obstetric & gynecologist clinic in Tanay.  Looks like she does a real good business....perhaps could use a new sign though.  

Family Home Evening with Teresa Group

Elder Ebro and Elder Asok, Abba is Right
Bro & Sis Hernandez with Sister Heve

Michelle and little brother Jaymar

Elder Hall with powder in his hair when he was caught in "21"

Elder Johnson having to be a Gecko on the wall.

All stuffed in Brother Hernandez's van to go home!

Packing the truck with
Sister Josie's belongings.

Sister Josie holding on to her dresser on the highway.

Elder J. and Sister Sikotilani packing Sister Josies belongings.

 Perfect Ending for a CRAZY DAY!


Michelle and her Mom Maribel

L-R: Elders Argyle & Johnson, Sister Johnson Michelle, Maribel, Elders Ebro and Hall, Ercelinda Heve

 Sister Jardine and I riding a trike to the hospital after their accident, while  Elder Jardine took some Elders and the injured woman to the hospital.
Our great Branch President, President Murillo on the left with his Clerk and sweet little daughter

This is what I use to scrub Elder J's white collars I use a plastic net and a bar of Tide on my very own Filipino scrub board.

Do you see what I mean about the Young Missionaries sometimes acting their ages?

Elder Johnson took this "selfie" of me in church.

On there is some other women's pictures in my spot.  He was trying to take one of me to change that.  I don't think it worked.


NOTICE the fans whirling above my head.  No air conditioning at church, we would DIE if we didn't have those fans!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


 Elder Anderson, Lang Siu and Johnson at a FHE in ONDOY last Sunday night.

This is the group of members from Ondoy
that is far from the Branch and they have no money to get to church.  It would be a two hour walk to get there.  We are meeting with leaders to see if we can start a "Group" there.  A Group is not quite a Branch but could be allowed to gather together for some meetings.
We brought cake for FHE treats
  Someone brought tang and they give kids little plastic bags and a straw to use to drink from.
 About 32 people were at FHE in a 12x12 basically empty house.

We had such fun playing games and getting to know these great families.  We hope they can have FHE together and other meetings like Sacrament Meeting.  We are meeting with the District Presidency this week to try to help them.
Look what was for sell in the market place!!  Can you get cuter than that?
TRANSFER DAY! Elder Argyle our Zone Leader was transferred to Taguig.  :(

 Elder Kmetczch and Abel eating dinner with their hands.  They ate over a quart of rice each!
Here is the sign in the Chicken Deli telling you how to eat it with your hands.  LOL

 This is the Doctors Clinic we took Ernesto too.  Check out the blood stains on the sheets.

 Pretty out-dated equipment here!  The green wrapped bundles were dirty...not too sure about this.

Waiting area for "NEXT" in line at the hospital....and we got there early to avoid the crowd.

Jun Paralta and Ernesto Andres at the x-ray lab!  Kinda makes you feel good you're in the U.S. of A doesn't it!

Elder Johnson working on the service project for the Sister Missionaries apartment.

Sisters Schlager and Sheffer at the service project.

 This is a pan of Bico given to us by a sister in the Branch.  They use large leaves cut to fit for a covering and a liner like wax paper.
Bico is sticky rice, sweetened with something that makes it cake-like.  This has roasted peanuts on it.  Pretty good! See the leaf under it?

Sister Johnson with Sister Tenney and Sister Schlager at the Morong District RS Birthday Celebration.

Elder Johnson on his birthday at Church.
Everyone wanted their picture taken with him!

They called him a ROCK STAR!  They said he looked way younger than he is because he has a baby face.


Elder Asok giving the FHE lesson 
and Elder Johnson below playing a game of "Police & Thief" with neckties.

Yanni is on the right trying to learn how to hold up 3 fingers.
Her shirt says, "I'm now 3, 16 more years to be a missionary!

This is with Mercy's youngest daughter at the birthday party.  See the leaves in the's cheaper than foil and Saran Wrap!!

It was a great week....See you next week!