Sunday, April 26, 2015


 Gathering at the Aurora Chapel

Sister Revillo cooked the lunch for everyone!  She is amazing!  Rice BBQ chicken veggies, lumpia and apples.

Forgot my name tag and I didn't even notice until the next day!
No one said a thing to me. 

Here we are with some of our favorites-- 
Sister Anderson and Sister Osumo! 
That's one BIG Elder!

This Elder has meatloaf and baked
potatoes for the first time in his life.

He is turning 22.

He was so full he almost couldn't
eat his chocolate cake!

L-R Elder Oyler, Elder J., Elder Cava, Elder Sheffer, Elder Brown and I don't know the name of the new one on the right yet.

Birthday Time for Elder Boringgot

Elder Manquiquis,   Elder Karawa

 This cute little Lolo (Grandpa) who was recently baptized got to baptize two of his grandchildren.  They live in Ondoy.  
 I'm 5' 2"...You can see how short the Lolo and Elders are.

This is Tiguro or his real name Rolando Peralta who is just 8 years old. He gave the talk at the baptism about enduring to the end!  He did a fabulous job! He had to stand on a chair.  We should involve more children giving the talks back home in the States.  

Accidently left out...Now you see how we can melt!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wonderful people....wonderful life!

Jhun's 39th Birthday! 
 Every single crumb of this was gone in a matter of minutes!
 While the professional photographer was taking pictures, I caught this one!


 Maria Jane & Marivic and us with cute little Moroni...

Days with the Sisters and Elders...
Oh the places we go....perhaps seven flights of stairs up to a house with a grand view!

Just some of the wonderful people we meet wherever we go!

 The roads often traveled...
steep inclines, rocky, uneven paths,
sometimes over streams how they find these places is so interesting!
Often we have to pass right through a neighborhood basketball game in process.

We are never alone, there is always people around or all manner of animals.  Here is a cute family of ducks.

Great new investigators!  The family above has two daughters and 2 sons.  He's a taxi driver and they are considered "middle class".  See their finished wall behind them?

The couple on the left are even a little more well off.  they have beautiful tile on their floor and he has a professional job.

It was great teaching them!  So receptive and had great questions.

More Baptisms for Teresa Branch

 L-R Elder Santiago, Von David, Jasper, Vea Divine, and Elder Christensen
L-R Sister Navas, Elder Manquiquis, Jon Joshua Barliso, Elder Karawa, a Friend and classmate of Josh who happens to be the daughter of the first couple above that we are teaching. (Can't remember their names  :(  )  

Maligaya FHE at Peralta's

We were wet from sweat and humidity from head to toe!  Both Sister Schlager and My hair curls in the heat and humidity.

Working with Sister Andrada on her 
English Speaking Workbook

We heard constant loud cries from what we thought were a litter of baby kittens that went on for a couple of days so, I went outside to inspect.  The mother cat was watching me near by  and I zero'd in to this small hole where the drain to our washing machine goes.  We took a flashlight and looked into the small pipe.  The picture on the left shows the pipe going down into the ground with an elbow and through about a 8 inch wall on the patio. A kitten was lodged into the pipe!  All we could see is her face in the pipe. We don't know how she got there or where the pipe leads to.  We tried to coax her through but she couldn't go through only her face.  That was a week ago. It made us so sick to think she was stuck in that pipe.  We tried to flush her out with a hose but we think she went into a T of the pipe or something.  Feeling totally helpless we prayed for her to find her way out or to die quickly putting her out of her misery.  Each and every day this week we have heard her cries for help and the Mommy cat crying back.  It has been AWFUL.  Today at least 8-10 days after we first heard her, we still hear her.  It really has been quite traumatic for us.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Costco's ready-to-eat food is looking better all the time....

Moving Day for the Peraltas

 Elder J trying out our old bed from our first house here.  When we moved to our new house this bed went to Jhun and Marivic.  A king-sized real bed!  
Doesn't get better than that!

 This is the crib Schlagers and us bought for baby Moroni.  But it was too large for their last house.

Our baby cribs at home are much safer than this one!

Although this house is bigger and quite deluxe compared to any others in Maligaya, you can see by the CR (comfort room= bathroom) the house is still very crude and very basic.

The Making of a Meal...Filipino Style
The kitchen set-up...visions of camp?

The 'Prized" Victim!

Off with it's head!  
The whole party watched and took part.

Chris, below, is taking it for a walk to bleed out.

 Tiguro's new toy!

Hot boiling water bath to remove the feathers....I remember doing this as a child on our farm. 
But I sure would hate to do it today!



Chris using a banana leaf as a cutting board to chop vegetables for the milk fish that will also be part of the meal.


They wrap the intestines around a stick and roast them for the children.  They cut up the heart, liver and gizzards to put in the pancit.

They don't waste anything!

I have NO clue what these delectibles are!

Chris using a SMALL paring knife to peel and slice ginger root. 
Look at the size of that thing!  He is so adept at using it for many other things too.  It is very sharp.

Ready to put on the fire.

Treats for the kids! 

Chicken cut-up and 
ready for adobo.

Rice cooking with the help of a homemade windbreaker.
Just add the seasonings and cook through!

Everyone Taking Part

You can see several smoking camp fires throughout the neighborhood.  It's lunch time!


 Camping skills that we learn at home are an everyday necessity here!

A plywood board serving as a wall able to hang the 
family's meaningful pictures.
A great day to "Bless" this new home for a wonderful family!


 Our trusty truck...on the move again!


Elder Christensen giving much needed service!

This house is in Carissa I, which is a little subdivision.

Upgraded living here.

Whereas, those who live in Maligaya are more in squatter's homes.

General Conference April 2015

 Sister Schlager looking beautiful as she lovingly hold Moroni!