Saturday, July 26, 2014

Little Bit of Everything!

Guarded...But NOT So Safe!

Always saluting!
Mall Guard
Team Effort
Guard at a Store
                                           Guard House &           Guard Guy!

Book Store
Guard on Right is a Filipino Brad Pitt...very friendly!


  Makes you kind of feel warm and fuzzy doesn't it!

Grocery Store
Need medical attention?

FUN!  Baby Week for Us!



Rodney James

Sister Haspi waiting for hospital bill $ to go home.

ONDOY in the Rainy Season...Teaching with Elder Harris and Elder Tizon
Walking or's all MUD!

Muddy, Washed-Out Roads

Teaching the Law of Chastity with two investigators, in this woman's home

Elder Harris and his worn out collar...his last transfer before home!

Looks like his socks have had it too!



 Bet's Endowment Day!  Her Birthday is tomorrow!
Nanay Josie is 16 years older than her sister Bet and cannot work.  Bet's husband died at 42 and she has Sophia, her adopted daughter...

Bet provides for them all by ironing and they have no house.

Elder's NO POINT Apartment!

Talk about an upside down house....Look at this!

Unique design...notice even the signs are upside down!

All in a days work....

To market, to market to buy a FAT PIG.....

home again, home again....

Jiggity Jig Jig!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Typhoon Glenda!

Teresa Branch, Morong District  "Branch Conference" Picture


Elder J. photo-bombing with Elder Kmetzsch and Elder Culango

Elder Crosby on right, with Elder
Kmetzsch and Sister J.

Both have very "mixed" feelings about leaving!
Saying goodbye to companions:  E. Tampac, Ganal & Culango
Those American boys are big compared to the Filipinos.

The Calm Before the Storm...

 P-Day Laundry all over our house....

 Then the Rains Came Down....and the
Floods Came up...but the house on
the rock stood still!

Bedroom Door
Living Room Windows

Towels, towels, mops, trash bags, pot holders...
you name it, we used it!  

The towels had to be constantly wrung out and replaced and we mopped in between.

Spare bedroom wall...
Sliding glass door
Front door

 If you look close in this picture you can see the flooding water down the street outside.  
This picture is taken through the upstairs window. 
  Damage in Neighborhood

The entrance to the back of our cul-de-sac.
Many trees were uprooted or broken off.

All these shots were taken just around the block where I walked.
 We saw one palm tree with everything on top gone....just the trunk left.

A few homes within our District were ruined completely as well as many lost their roofs.

A huge nice tree near our round-about had to be cut up and removed.  They didn't have chain saws to use, they were hacking away with macheta's .
Nothing is ever EASY here.

Maia Alta Gardens trike waiting area.

 I don't know where he was when it started but he ended up wedged in here!  Poor Santa!

 They have these huge sign (bill board) holders all throughout the downtown.  
Someone has to roll and tie the signs up like this when this season hits, otherwise it looks much like Las Vegas with their mega signs along the freeways.

Aren't many pictures this week because our phone needed to be charged and we didn't have any electricity.