Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baptisms, Endowments & Sealings...the Lord is hastening His work!

Jhun & Marivic Peralta & Family

Jhun Mar-14, Marivic (Maria Victoria), Rolando III-7, Mari Jane -10, Jhun (Rolando II), Marjorie-12

Waiting at the top of the hill for us to pick them up on "Sealing Day!"

Happy "FOREVER" Family

Senior Missionaries enjoying the day with them.  Schlagers from Missouri and Whittakers from Idaho.

Elder J and I got to be proxy for Jhun's Father and Mother for their initiatory and endowment ordinances.  Schalger's were proxy for the parents sealing together and then for Jhun to be sealed to them. 
Mc D's was their restaurant of choice!  Of course they probably have never been to another restaurant ever!

 Getting ready to host a group at the tindahan (store) which is really empty right now.  It is basically a 10 x 10 ft cement slab with 1/4 inch plywood walls and a front porch for customers.

They decorated it with streamers and our sign above. On the left they had the Family Proclamation, The Manila Temple a poster of temples that was going to be thrown away and a sign they made that said, Peralta Family We Love You!
They had lots of guests, lots of noodles, lots of flies, lots of missionaries, and lots of fun and love.
Cherrycar & Baby Crechestine B

 Our truck has a full back seat that we can usually fit four in and help give rides.  We took this entire group from Ondoy Village to the Church.  We also fit the entire Peralta Family in it for the trip to the Manila Temple.
Elder J, Sister Baribe, me, Baby, Cherrycar, Elder Asok and Elder Tizon.  Great looking group!

The Bugaring Family House
Finished Project

Front door to the left with windows.
You walk in and have a 10x12 room with a cement floor.  There is a step up to the kitchen to the left of the room.
The right picture shows the bamboo sided walls of the kitchen.
the CR is located to the right of the kitchen and the back of the 10x12 room.
Back of house.  They move in tomorrow!  They are so excited and wanted to express their deepest gratitude!!

 All the house has cement insulation, just 1/4" plywood walls, no running water, no electricity unless they share a line from someone down there and pay a little for it.  Neighbors homes are nestled closely all around it.  Lots of mud and trash around.  We will probably do a service project to help put some rocks for stepping stones down the muddy pathway to the door.  They have a two- cinderblock front door-step.  They couldn't be happier!!

Elder Osores and Elder Hall leading the music at the baptism.
Elder Tizon

Elder Hall is who I'm trying to get Morgan to write to.  Ha ha.
Elder O. goes home in Oct. is a nurse and is engaged.

Pinoy Electric Company Workers

Lookin' pretty safe eh?



Sunday, June 22, 2014

In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren....

Serving a special man on Father's Day
Manuel, a new investigator, with his family coming from Church on Father's Day.
Wife & kids posing for pic before we try to take him down the hill.

Cute kids.

 Steep and varied terrain make it extremely difficult to get him to and from home.
Hand placing rubber on wheels and taking off when needed.

Left, almost home...just a few tree roots and rocky/muddy pathways to his 10x10 home.

Meanwhile...during the trip to take him down...
We encountered a funeral procession taking a casket up... with family and friends following soberly behind.
How would you like to be these pallbearers?

Very steep, uneven path...

Mourners following the casket...
Always walking...

Still Working on the Bugaring Family Home

Walls being added.

Cement Floor
Kitchen Sink

Such good people, so deserving of a break in life!

Package for Elder Asok

Elder Tizon with his anticipated package!

Bewildered Elder Asok...
Reading his letter from "STRANGER GIRLFRIEND".

 Elder Asok, checking out his package!  He couldn't believe he got one!!

Sister Missionaries in Antipolo

Sister Brown was one who helped us when we had our truck accident.

Sister darling, so devoted!

 At the Sheffer's apartment for dinner.....our night in the BIG CITY! 

Elder J. Dancing with the Johnny Rocket waitress....That doesn't even sound like him, does it???

Having a picture taken with a street actor in Eastwood.

The Gospel is TRUE...
The Church is growing very FAST.
The Lord is truly HASTENING HIS WORK!

The Party After...

Food and friends makes for a great evening!

They are so good to us! 
 They treat us like royalty.
Are we having FUN yet?  

Remember the Corner Tub?
Last week, little boys swimming in it....This week, washing chicken feathers!

This tub just sits on a corner that we pass every things are in it all the time.
 Feathers strung together and drying.... then dyed fun bright colors... then sold we guess to party stores.  These are hanging along the street that we drive home everyday on.

 We are going to keep you posted on the Corner is very interesting from week to week!

Chicken's in the rain...
maybe they wouldn't need to wash these feathers....haha

The Rains Came Down 
and the Floods Came Up!

July begins the rainy season....we don't know what to expect!!

The roads are already so dangerous, add limited visibility and slick roads...we are really kind of nervous!