Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving in the Philippines...

with the 
Philippines Quezon City Mission Senior Missionaries

We had dinner in the Area Office Building Canteen.

Very pretty buffet!

Typical Thanksgiving Day...Men on the chairs in front of the large screen T.V.

Women in the KITCHEN!

 Writing their 100 things they were thankful for...

Our great entertainment!

 Missionaries taking their audio assessments for Tagalog.

This sister is from Pakistan. Actually she is the first one from Pakistan in our mission.

What the native speakers do while they are waiting for their companions to do the assessments.
 We brought one couch in so that we (Elder and I) could be more comfortable all week.  Everytime we got up to help someone at the computer the couch was filled.  So we brought in another one....hmmmmm.  We sat on plastic chairs along the wall.

 Buco Salad
brought to us by 
Elder Asok!

Provo City Sends Me A Package!
A Provo Rocks T-Shirt, bag, pen, book candies!  So Fun!
Thanks Matt and Louise...Provo is great!!
Random Pics....
This is what happens to the blood vessels in your eyes when you drive in the Filipino traffic!
Just kidding, he just woke up one morning looking like's getting better.

Got a FROSTY at Wendy's.....Everything is smaller here in the Philippines!  My hand is small!

What???  Cosmetic Surgery???

Vehicles in the Manila Temple parking lot.
You'd never see this in UTAH!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Senior Missionary Escort Service....

Exiting Missionaries
Early Monday Morning Run to pick them up and take them to the Mission Office.

Sister Valdez- PHI, Sister Sanders-Houston, TX, Sister Wiradi-Indonesia, Sister Anderson-SLC

Sister Sanders is a wonderful young woman who has been a fabulous missionary!  We will miss her so much.

 Elder Blessent-West Virginia, Elder Holden- Provo, UT, Elder Ballon-PHI, Elder Capate-PHI

Elder Holden is from Provo and loves to ballroom dance.  He was a great missionary as well.  He even tucked a few items into his suitcase to take home for us!

Transfer Day

Elder Delfin was a Zone Leader in Antipolo who was transferred...hate to see him not so close!



 This is how we roll...
I sit on the console!

 Only eight of us in this trip....Piece of cake!



 We bring along bananas and peanut butter crackers to feed the troops!

 Here was our schedule...
Wake up at 3:00 am. 
4:30 go to Binangonan apt. and pickup Lucido & Pasoco
5:00 travel to Morong apt. and pickup  Wiradi
5:30 go to Teresa apt. and pickup Singh and pack luggages.
6:00 go to Antipolo Chapel and drop of Pasoco & luggage, pick up E. Delfin.
7:00 go to Mission Home and drop off Wiradi and Singh.

Go to Aurora Chapel, drop off Delphin and Lucido.
Pickup Stubbs, Sia, Leilua, Rock and Quiban.
Go back to Antipolo Chapel Drop off, Sia, Stubbs,
Leilua, Rock& Quiban.
Pick up Manquiquis, Sabatin, Ropati and Crichton.
Go to Sumulong Chapel and drop of Crichton and pickup Lokotui.
Go to Pasig Chapel and drop off Sabatin, Manquiquis, Ropati. Pickup Cava and Gasu.
Go back to Antipolo Chapel drop off Cava, Lokotui, Gasu and pickup Jones.
Go to Cainta Chapel and drop off Jones and pickup Villo and Valikoula
Go back to Antipolo Chapel and drop off Villo and Valikoula 
Take Cava and Ah Hong to their new apartment in Antipolo.
Go back to Antipolo Chapel and pickup  Lokotui, Ballon, Stubbs,Lewis, Leilua, Starr
Go to Binagonan apartment and drop off Lokotui and Lewis.
Go to Tanay apartment and drop off Leilua.
Go to Malaya apartment and drop off Stubbs.
Go to Sampaloc apartment and drop off Starr
Go to Teresa apartment and drop off Ballon.
It was now 5:00 pm in the afternoon.  We drove back to Antipolo 1/2 hour drive and stopped to eat and Shakey's Pizza.  Elder J. was literally "shakey" from driving all day and facing the horrible traffic throughout the entire day.

Sights along the way...
Here is a sign in the grocery store.  You can see they favor a very young work force. Most people can't find a job after 40, unless they are highly educated and in demand.

Our first "WHITE" Caribou
 You probably can't read it but there's a sign in the window..."Baby on Board"  
Hahahah. literally!


 Both sides of the Recreation Hall/Chapel filled with Teresa Branch Members

Elder J. giving the spiritual thought and Elder Tinsley (our new ZL fresh from Mindoro) with Elder Ballon giving the lesson.  Just look at the difference in size!

And now...let the games begin!

We have just got to play some of these fun games at a ward social!  Too fun!!