Sunday, August 31, 2014

Transfers, Roadshows, Goal Smashing Baptisms....& More Towels! :)

Transfer Week!
Elder Karawa from Kiribati
Elder Briones, PHL, Elder Natural PHL, Elder Baile, PHL
We lost Karawa & Natural....:(

Elder Karawa & Natural both left our Malaya Branch.

Big guys...
Elder Tonga and Lokotui guessed it, Tonga!

Elder Esmabe, PHL & Elder Lokotui both left the Tanay Branch.
 We picked up the four guys above and added two leaving from Sampaloc and stuffed us all in the truck....This is a selfie of us.  Elder Karawa was sitting on my lap in the back seat and was holding the upper hand rail so hard so as to take the weight off of me.  When I finally looked up he was just sweating great beads of sweat.  I told him to relax and sit!  LOL.  It's more fun in the Philippines.
Sister Dickison,Cedar City/Siste Faka'osi, Tonga both left!

Our beloved ZL Elder Merrill-Farmington....:(
Elder Tampac, PHL left from Binangonan

While waiting for Elder J. to help with the Malaya Elders luggage I was laying back in the seat with my eyes closed....
woke up at 4 am to start this day....
Any way I open my eyes to see this guy staring at me through the window!!
outta me!  I couldn't get him to respond in any way so I passed some food through a crack in the window.  We found out later he was deaf & mute.

District Video Roadshows

Cute Decorations!

Singing, Dancing, Acting...all sharing their talents.  These are the best pictures I could get.

Part of the audience.  The row of boys in the center and the girls behind are from our 
Teresa Branch.

Seven Baptisms....from Teresa
Two tall brothers in the back are John John and Mathew Afalla. Young boy on left with his grandpa is John Ray Garcia.  The Mother and three children in front are Renedios & Cherry Mae Padua and the two younger boys are Don and John Mark Paduo Idao.  All of these children are over eight years old...the little girl is 11--the youngest is about the size of a four yr-old!  So tiny here!!

One of my FAVORITE KIDS...

Something about him reminds me of Cameron!  He is very quick witted and just darling...He is one who is learning the keyboard.  He also sings quite well,
This was taken during the closing hymn of church, he was turning around reading the words to the song upside down.  He's 14 and is such a cute kid!



 This picture shows the Mission Office buildings in the far left corner across the street.  Kids are always under the elevated train rails and just playing, making a living or often just living on these cement areas. 

Rainy day for one of our LOOOOONNNNNGGGG drives!

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Project, Terrific Salad, Church is Growing....Where Much is Given, Much is Expected!

New Housing Project!
Cris's front of his house where he works on the beds for
the missionaries and does other work.
This is actually the back of his house the entry is on the other side.

 The sides of his house show  a variety of found and gathered
materials that have been welded, stuffed and tied together for shelter.

The entrance below....and secured to the tree in the right picture.
Elder Harris, our District Leader's last District Meeting....
Home to New Zealand, arriving home on his mother's birthday!

 The Morong & Teresa Elders and Sisters.  Elder Merrill and Oyler are our Zone Leaders.  These set of missionaries and the ones before them are the highest baptizing Districts in the WHOLE mission!

 Sister Dickison (tall), Sister Fewster....the one with the boils etc. from last blog post.  All better now and doing great!


Getting ready to load the vans....
Great views from The People's Park

 Check out the guard rail in these next pictures.....

The whole place was in such need of repair!


 Sonya's Garden's

Look's like a baby giraffe head...and look at the thorns on the leaves.

Anyone recognize this PLANT?  We had a fun discussion on this one!

 Lunch in the "Greenhouse"

 Such a BEAUTIFUL sight!!!  YUM.

 A wonderful group of Senior Missionaries most of these are from Utah and Idaho, one couple from Missouri, one from Texas, one from California.

Scenery on the way....

 Family Home Evening
Ondoy Village
comes to Teresa Branch...

Gathering the folks...lady with umbrella is the Sister who just had the new baby and couldn't get out of the hospital.

Elder J. taking pictures of me and the kids waiting to load up.  
The lady in the "red" wasn't a part of the group.  She just showed up and stared at us and hung around awhile.  Here she is "Photo Bombing" some pictures. LOL. We had many more and she has some interesting expressions. We think she may have had some mental disabilities and didn't mind having her there.
She just added fun to the whole thing!

Below are many of the mom's of these children.
Some of their husbands came on motorcycles.

and about six more people, mom's and kids in the back seat.

Girls at the check-out counters in a store we frequent.  At another one they all have to wear their hair in buns like this but are required to all wear bright red lipstick!
These pictures were taken on August 18th in a store...
Septemberrrr starts the Christmas Holidays.  
The "Brrrr" months are all Christmas months here.  
We also had Christmas music playing!

More TOWEL heads....

 I love to watch hard to get my camera ready in time!