Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven..."

PQCSM (Philippines Quezon City Senior Missionaries) BINGO


 The far picture on right L-R Elder & Sister Schlager, Missouri, Office Couple, Sister Horsely, Pleasant Grove, UT, MLS Missionaries, Elder and Sister Olsen, California, Legal affairs.

 L-R:  Elder and Sister Morello, Missouri-Humanitarian Missionaries, Elder & Sister Lemon, SLC, Associate Area Legal Council, Elder & Sister Morrison, Assistant Area Medical Adviser

 L-R:  Elder Pyles, Lehi, Public Affairs, Elder & Sister LaCanienta, Texas, Executive Secretary to Area Presidency & Asst., Sister & Elder Whittaker, Ammon, Idaho, Perpetual Education Fund Missionaries, Sister Pyles.

 Elder Lemon. 
Elder Jardine & of two Bingo rounds.....Prizes?  Bingo Cookies (like Oreos)

Zone Interviews

Sister Fewster-England, Sister Sanders-Ohio, Sister Anderson-SLC, Sister Taufa-South Jordan, Elder Tizon-Philippines

This was during our District Meeting prior to Zone Interviews and Workshops.
Missionary work is OBVIOUSLY very serious business!!

Becoming a Philippine Citizen
A very rainy day with flooding on our two-hour drive...
Some areas the day before where waist and chest high in water!

All thirty of us waiting for the vans to come and take us....and for the rain to ease up to run to the vans!


Lots and lots of people here, from all over the world.  


 This one tells if anyone tries to "Fix" you up....Busted!    So busy here they allow no break to stop.
Elder Tonga and Elder Kaitani doing a little proselyting 
while waiting!
Self-Reliance Class during Sunday School
F-R: Mark Dingal, Jhun Peralta, Brother Heve, Dexter Candari, 
B-R: Jose Teves, Abba, Brother Calderon

 Couldn't resist...Just about the only chicken here that may be safe to eat!

Morong District Annual Family Day

Registration....Let the good time's roll!

A little lunch packed by the Branch.  A large pot of Pork Ulam top left and a wash tub full of rice covered with a banana leaf.  Water in the blue jug.

It's always customary to eat with your hands!

Malaya Branch "signing" a Song.

Chris Liana Family singing at the pulpit!
Lots of great dancers!
Room view from the front of the chapel... See Elder J in the doorway.

Driving with..."God Be With You Til We Meet Again...."


 Boy did we ever rock it....
Elder J's got some moves!  Hahaha

Back to driving serenely.......
All the Jeepneys, Trikes and Trucks etc. had to be parked on the lawn so that Basketball could commence in the parking lot!  They had ping pong and soccer going too.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Full Days for Full-Time Missionaries!

 Bugaring's House Dedication
The hike to their house...the muddy path to their door.

May Sue & Willaim Bugaring and kids Leaneah, and Ammon.

Dinner is served on their bed mat.  Elders on the floor....Sisters get the two chairs!

Elder Oyler, Ballon, Johnson, and Blessent.
You can see from Elder J. it must have been a "manners" dinner!

Looking through May Sue's Mission Album


Every towel, rug, blanket used to try to soak up the water.  We had to spin them dry in the washer 3 times before we gave up and made a dike with the towels to keep the water from flowing downstairs.
Then we used brooms, and a squeegee to sweep the water into the CR which is about 2 inches lower than these rooms.  The buckets were emptied at least four times from the water that was flowing from up stairs.  Then we had to sweep the water in the first level to the CR down there!

Apartment Checks

 Checking the Sister's apartment for signs of break-ins and for safety.  This is where they tried to get in the back door that doesn't have a locked gate.

These pictures below show an Elder's Apartment of four....they got an inspection number of 1 out of 12!  Such a mess!  
Kitchen Table
Bedroom...clothes everywhere!
Kitchen counters...dishes etc. least there are veggies.

A window sill, CATCH-ALL!

Their study desks!
Is this a sign of a brilliant mind or what?

Visiting with New Members and Investigators in Malagaya

 A new project of building a house for Nanay Josie and her sister Bet and daughter Alecsandria.

Hard working Filipinos constructing another hut for a dream come true!

This is the man I showed on the blog before being helped down the hill in his wheelchair.  He has been coming to church regularly with his wife and kids (daugther in front) and he has miraculously been healed and is able to walk.  We bought some sunglasses and peanut butter from them.

Here I am with a couple of young girls from the village and Alecsandria the 16 yr-old who is getting the new house with her mom and aunt.

Corner Feather Business

 The corner with the wash tub tipped over on the top left of the picture is where they wash and dye feathers.  

Then they stitch them together in yard length strips and hang them to dry on the wires.  

We pass this way almost daily.  I decided to buy some feathers for WizKidz Preschool at home for projects.

 Such fun bright colors!  In the markets you can buy about a dozen feathers for about a dollar.  I got a yard of each color for about a dollar!  Wahoo!  No middle man here!

On our Walk to Jardine's for FHE
Beautiful Flowers!

A roll of Cat Tape!

My Temple Prep Class in the Teresa Branch

Usually we have at least 6 more than we did this day.
Above:  Brother & Sister Heve, Sister Santos, Julie Ann Heve with big cheesy grin...she is waiting for her mission call and Brother Heve is going to the temple in October.
Back row and investigator and son with Sister Neves who is getting close to going too.

To the right:  Sister Marivic Peralta, Me and Sister Obrillo, who made the necklace I have on for me.  They are such generous kind and caring! 

Second Typhoon This Week!

See that marvelous drain in the corner of this deck?

 The deck hold about 16-18 inches of water when it's plugged and it flows under the door into the bedroom and all over the upstairs....and then heads downstairs!

House arrest....asked to stay in.  So we were cooking and dining by candlelight.  At least we had some natural light for about another half an hour.

St. Lucia Mall

This mall has an amusement type park in it.
Having our picture in front of a Halloween Display
I smell a RAT somewhere!
(the only Halloween thing we've seen...mostly Christmas stuff is out)

We are sitting where this little boy is sitting and the girls are taking selfies.